Xûr's Fated :: Using Our Clan Discord

About our clan's Discord

Our clan's Discord server is our primary method of communinication and for arranging game sessions. It is open to not only all our clan members across all three platforms, but also to the larger community.

Our server is broken up into various channels by topic and platform. Here is a list of all the key channels and what they are intended to be used for:

  • #announcements
    This channel is used by the admin team to push clan announcments and used by the bots to share game updates, such as reset information. Regular users can only read this channel, not speak in it.
  • #general
    This is our general chat channel for users on all platforms. Here are the rules for this channel:
    • Images, links, and GIFs are prohibited
    • Looking for fireteam members is not permitted
    • Advertising your stream, Discord, website, or other personal project is not permitted without prior approval from an admin
  • #stats
    This is our channel for users to issue bot commands and pull statistics. While we don't block the bots from responding to commands in any channel (so that stats and bots can be used, when appropriate, in the context of a conversation), we ask that users restrict the bulk of their interaction with the bots to this channel.
  • #rules-and-policies
    This channel outlines our clan rules, as well as some basic helpful hints for using our Discord. This is a read-only channel.
  • #memes
    This channel is for posting memes related to Destiny, our clan, the community, or a conversation with a clanmate. It also tends to be used for posting animal and kid pics. This channel runs in slowmode, meaning users can only send one message every 90 seconds.
  • #nsfw
    The not-safe-for-work channel is intended for members to use when they are going to swear excessively or posting something Destiny-related, but potentially offensive. This channel is NOT exempt from the decency rules, they're just more relaxed here.
  • #other-games
    This channel is intended for the discussion of games besides Destiny and Destiny 2.
  • #welcome
    This is the channel that new users arrive in. It is intended for them to register and self-select their platform. Once this is done, this channel should not be used again.

  • #fireteam-text-chat
    This channel is intended for use by fireteams not using voice comms to communicate. Rather than clutter up #general, fireteams should move their chat to this channel, located just above the voice channels. Most users will want to mute this channel, so that fireteams do not disturb you with their conversations.

  • #spoilers The #spoilers channel is intended for the discussion of any Destiny story, quest, mission, or lore details that may ruin another player's experience if shared before they experience it. Any spoilers posted in any other channel will be deleted and the user will be warned.
  • #lore
    This channel is for discussion of lore theories, asking lore-related questions, reflecting on the past story (anything not currently under a #spoilers embargo), and otherwise talking about the rich backstory of the Destiny universe.
  • #destiny-videos
    This channel is for posting videos and video links to Destiny-related content. This includes Destiny Twitch streams, Destiny YouTube content creators, and clan member gameplay streams and videos.
  • #destiny-artwork
    This channel is for posting Destiny-related artwork, including (but not limited to) art produced by Bungie™ artists, original third-party art (a.k.a. fanart), and original artwork created by clan members.

Bot Commands

Our Discord relies on several bots to help with the smooth running of chat, as well as providing key services to our community.

Here is a rundown of how to interact with the bots in the most effective and useful ways:

  • ?register
    This command registers players with the stats bot, syncs a player's in-game username with their Discord username, adds you to the community leaderboards, and assigns you the correct roles based on your playstyle. This command must be executed before any others will work.
  • ?pvp
    Gives a summary of a player's PvP (Crucible) statistics.