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Stay in contact with other members of the community, schedule games, or just banter using the Discord messaging app. Our Discord guild is open to any members of the community, not just clan members!


We host seasonal player vs. player tournaments for our clan and larger community members. These private matches vary in style, but the winners receive special clan recognition and in-game prizes!


Our clan partners with and shares a Discord with notable community site, Join us on their server, and take part in the weekly hunt for Destiny's most secretive vendor!

15 May

On CrossPlay

With the release of CrossPlay in Season 15, Solarian is becoming a cross platform clan. We already have many members who play on more than one platform, but we will begin a recruiting drive to accept new active players to the clan. We will also be cleaning out existing idle players. Watch for an announcement shortly!

15 Jul

Clan Reset

Solarian has consolidated and returned to our roots. We are once again a small family of PS4 players, in one small clan. Additionally, we left our large Discord behind in favour of sharing WTFIX's small server. While we aren't actively recruiting, interested players are welcome to inquire on the Join page.


Søren is a prolific player on PS4. He is an avid raider and a terrible Crucible player. He can also be reached via Twitter @soren42.

soren42, Founder

Triumph Score: 67850

Tracon plays on PS4, usually in the evenings around reset day and on the occasional weekend afternoon. He collects titles and is an excellent PvE and PvP player.

tracon22s, Founder

Triumph Score: 83400

Dup admins one of PlayStation clans. He is our most active streamer, often found sharing his PvP exploits with his Twitch audience.

D-Truth-46, Crucible Admin

Triumph Score: 63300

Freak is our man-about-platform, regularly playing on both PS4 and PC. He's a Crucible juggernaut and a master raider.

Freak-0-, Administrator

Triumph Score: 16950

Kev plays around his work & family schedule. Destiny always holds new & amazing things in store for him, regardless of how long he's played.

kevdawg2003, Administrator

Triumph Score: 5700