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Upcoming Changes

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Solarian Clan Members,

With Destiny adding full cross-platform support in Season 15 (next season!), there are a few administrative and housekeeping updates I’d like to share with everyone.

As many of you know, Solarian was once a massive community of fourteen clans spanning all the platforms of Destiny. While we won’t be going back to that size or model, as a remnant of that time and of the game’s expansion, we have many long-time clan members who play on various platforms. Once we can all play together across the different systems, we intend to embrace this paradigm shift as a clan.

Upon the release of CrossPlay, Solarian will open our membership to players of all platforms. We will seek to find active, mature players who mesh well with our clan’s culture of acceptance and assistance. We will carry out one of our infamous Membership Drives at the start of Season 15, in order to fill our remaining slots with active players who will help ensure that we can meet the fireteam needs of our players.

As a result, we are going to once again begin enforcing some of the community rules we’ve let slide over the past year. In particular, we will require all clan members to play at least once every thirty days to stay in the clan. Additionally, all clan members will be required to join our clan Discord.

These rules won’t be enforced until Season 15, so there’s still time. During the last week of this season, I will be removing any clan member who has not played during the current season.

Finally, we will be migrating to a new clan Discord server during the course of Season 14. Our community will always have close ties with WTFIX, and we are deeply appreciative of them giving us a home over the past year. We are splitting into a new server for several reasons, including clarifying our clan identity, giving room to schedule events, and decreasing Discord notifications for clan members who may not be interested in WTFIX. As always, our clan server is open to all Destiny players — regardless if they are clan members or not. Members don't need to leave the WTFIX server if they're still interested in the project; I will continue being a contributor there.

If you have friends who play Destiny on other platforms, please feel free to invite them to our community once CrossPlay launches.

Thank you all for participating in Solarian Clan. We wouldn't still be going strong in our SEVENTH YEAR as a Destiny clan if it weren't for dedicated players like you. I always welcome input from any of our members, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns.

Happy Raiding!

PSN: soren42
Twitter: @soren42
Discord: @soren42#1701



Starting next season,