Xûr's Fated :: Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

We're a friendly, social group, but we're also an active group of Destiny players.
These simple rules keep our community vibrant, welcoming, and respectful.

Membership & Activity Requirements

  1. Clan members must log in and complete an activity in Destiny 2 at least once every 30 days
    A primary reason for these rules is to ensure the clan has a constant supply of active Guardians across all platforms for the community to engage with. To this end, any clan member who does not complete at least one in-game activity every month in Destiny 2 will automatically be removed from the clan by the maintenance script. Players who know in advance that they will be unable to play for an extended period of time may complete this form to hold their spot for up to 90 days. Additionally, anyone removed due to inactivity may apply to rejoin at any time.
  2. Clan members should be at least 18 years of age (with a few notable exceptions)
    Our community is mostly "family-friendly" — we aim to create a mature environment of mutual respect between members. No perspective member under the age of 18 will be considered unless they are either related to an existing member, or have prior approval from an administrator. To obtain prior approval, contact and explain why you'd like to join. You will be asked to play a session with an admin, as well as complete the New Member's Agreement, in order to help us assess if you'd be a good fit for the clan.Additionally, due to Discord's rules and policies, no clan members under the age of 13 will be admitted — THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.
  3. Clan members must be active in the community Discord
    Our Discord server is the heart & soul of our community. To that end, all players must be registered members of the clan Discord. To register, simply issue the command: ?register and follow the instructions provided in the direct message from Charlemagne. Our Discord is open to all players and fans of the Destiny™ series, not just clan members — so invite your friends!
  4. Clan members should participate in at least one event each season
    To help maintain a level of community engagement, all members are requested to participate in at least one clan event each season. Qualifying events include, but are not limited to PvP Tournaments, PvE Challenges, a Drop-In Parties, and Clan Raids.
  5. New clan members have 15 days to transition from Beginners to full Members
    When a new Guardian joins our clan, they start as a "Beginner". Beginners are not able to schedule clan events or host Seekers in Guided Games. To become a full member, Beginners must complete the New Member's Agreement, join the Discord, and play one activity (Crucible match, strike, Gambit match, Nightfall, Raid, et cetera) with an established clan member (someone who's been in the clan over 90 days — just ask). During Membership Drives, this rule is suspended. Upon the cessation of said campaigns, upgrade/conversion sessions will be organised to help all new members get to Member status.

  6. Community Policies

  7. Vulgar and explicit coversation is not permitted
    While we are primarily a clan of adults, we do have some younger community members, as well as a few members who are not fond of vulgarity. Hence, members are asked to refrain from explicit or vulgar subject matters in the majority of the community Discord. This doesn't mean that profanity isn't permitted, just that certain taboo subjects such as sexually explicit content doesn't belong in a Destiny discussion.(The exception to this is the #nsfw channel, specifically designed to allow members over the age of 18 to say whatever they wish, but even this should not cross the line into pornography or outright offensive content.)This rule is intended to maintain decorum and civility between community members who may not know each other well. If you're familiar with everyone in a voice chat session and know they don't mind these subjects, they're certainly acceptable. However, if you don't know someone well or are uncertain as to their views on the topic, please err on the side of caution and avoid discussing matters you wouldn't bring up on a job interview.
  8. Our community members must not violate Bungie's, Discord's, or Solarian's Terms of Service or Terms of Use
    One of our founding principles is that we help each other with difficult endgame content. We do not permit and will not tolerate our members using any form of cheat, exploit, network manipulation, or other mechanism not permitted by Bungie's Terms of Service to obtain loot, complete triumphs, advance quests, obtain pinnacle weapons, or participate in any game content in a manner inconsistent with the highest ethical standards. This includes any of the following actions:
  • Cheating via use of third-party software (aimbots, hacks, etc.)
  • Cheating via network manipulation (DDoS/DoS attacks; packet floods; using restricted network subnets, VPNs, or foreign servers to restrict matchmaking)
  • Obtaining experience, ranking, pinnacle weapons, or other resources via account recovery
  • Utilising ill-gotten gear in any game session with a community member
  • Sharing your Destiny, Bungie.Net, Discord, or Solarian.Net account credentials with anyone else or allowing others to use these accounts
  • Attempting to arrange any form of account recovery or network mamipulation session using Solarian resources
  • Any community member found to be utilising these methods will be permanently banned from Solarian's clans and Discord server, as well as reported to Bungie and/or Discord, as appropriate.
    1. Offensive & suggestive content is not permitted
      Our community is built on the principle of inclusivity. To that end, posting or reposting hateful or discriminatory messages, images, memes, videos, or any other offensive content in either text or voice channels is prohibited. What is offensive? Something that offends another reasonable user. We welcome all Guardians, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual identity, politics, religion, or other personal views. The admin team has the final say on what is and what is not offensive, but anything racist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, homophobic, ageist, classist, or otherwise discriminatory is strictly taboo. Any user found violating this policy will be warned. Repeat violations will result in ejection from the community.
      If any user feels offended by anything found on a Solarian resource, please don't hesitate to reach out to any admin, or contact us directly via e-mail at [email protected]
    2. Discussion and postings should stay on-topic and appropriate
      Our Discord has multiple topic channels, including memes, spoilers, lore, videos, and more. All conversations in all these channels should be related to Destiny, the Clan, the Community, surrounding technologies, or related topics. (The notable exception is the #other-games channel, intended for the discussion of non-Destiny video games.) Additionally, please ensure your message is posted to the appropriate channel. For example, all bot commands and statistics should be restricted to the #stats channel, memes in #memes, Destiny videos in #destiny-videos, et cetera. Most importantly, please keep all story spoilers in the #spoilers channel! Any off-topic or misplaced content may be deleted without warning.

    3. Community Norms

    4. Communicate with Clan Members in the Discord
      The Destiny mobile app is quite unreliable with notifications, so please use the Discord to communicate with other community members — not the Destiny app, not platform messaging, and not Bungie.Net. Platform messaging (PS Messages, BattleNet, etc.) tends to obstruct players' view when it pops up and is difficult to reply to without using the mobile application on console.
    5. Utilise the smallest possible notification group and appropriate channel
      Our Discord has roles and channels for community members looking for others to play with. Channels exist to plan game sessions by platform: #pc-lfg, #ps4-lfg, and #xbox-lfg. Additionally, while we don't allow regular users the ability to @everyone or @here, but we do provide tools to help players looking for a group. There are notification commands in the #pc-lfg, #ps4-lfg, and #xbox-lfg channels. To find a group to play with in these channels, please post a message using the following command !lfg followed by a short description of what you want to do and, if you're a PC player, what region servers you'll be playing on — this will ping all players on your platform. For example, the command !lfg run Leviathan now LF3M NA Servers would indicate you are looking for three more players to run the Leviathan raid on the North American servers. Finally, if your fireteam is using the Discord as a text chat platform (instead of speaking), please don't carry on in #general — use the specially-created #fireteam-text-chat channel so others can mute your team's conversation.
    6. Send Descriptive Invitations
      If you're inviting another community member to join you in-game, please let them know up front what you're looking to do. "Can someone help with this strike?" isn't nearly as useful as, "Looking for 2 ✧600+ Guardians to do a single 100k+ Nightfall run on The Arms Dealer with Void Burn". And don't even bother with "Play Destiny" on the PlayStation...
    7. Don't join other players without an invitation
      If you're looking for other players to join, send a message on the Discord — don't just hop into someone else's fireteam or voice chat. You may spoil a solo challenge run, join someone who is AFK, or take a spot being held for another player. Even if it's a group of players from the community, send a message before just to ensure that they don't already have a team.

    Don't be overwhelmed by these policies and procedures. They really come down to a few simple principles that guide our clan:
    • Remain active within the game
    • Engage with the community
    • Don't cheat
    • ...and...
    • Be courteous to fellow players
    If you follow these basic guidelines, you'll be a valuable member of our community!