Solarian Clan :: Podcast

Episode 5 — Where the Fuck is Xûr?

Sunday, 2 Jun 2019

This episode features JustGeo42, Soren42, NotDisliked, and Dorkthrone discussing the history, features, status, future plans, and team behind, a community-made vendor inventory website that focuses on publishing Xûr's location immediately as he arrives each week. Solarian is the official clan of WTFIX. We also discuss the 23 May 2019 and 30 May 2019 This Week at Bungie updates.

Feedback, ideas, questions, and recommendations are always welcome.


00:00:31: Introduction
00:00:42: Solarian Community & Clans Update
00:05:01: Solarian Day One Raid Teams
00:05:50: WTFIX Feature
01:07:33: This Week at Bungie 23 May 2019
01:40:07: This Week at Bungie 30 May 2019
02:16:46: Conclusion & Outro

Episode 4 — Seasons

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

This episode features JustGeo42, Soren42, Alphonse, NotDisliked, Effulgent, and Dorkthrone as we talk about Black Armory, Season of the Drifter and news about Season of Opulence. We get a bit ranty, one of us has too much to drink, and someone brings up Magic and D&D a few times.

Feedback, ideas, questions, and recommendations are always welcome.


00:00:27: Introduction and info on Opulence Recruitment Drive
00:06:13: Main Topic introduction
00:07:25: Black Armory PvP Opinions
00:09:56: Forge Opinions
00:26:34: Niobe Labs Opinions
00:54:00: Black Armory Lore Opinions
01:07:52: Season of the Drifter General Opinions
01:18:30: Reckoning Opinions
01:23:22: Black Armory and Drifter Exotic Opinions
01:25:30: Tuck says "Hello!"
01:45:30: Drifter Lore Opinions
02:07:40: Opulence Nerfs Opinions
02:36:36: Revelry Opinions
02:53:40: What we want to see in the Future
02:59:52: Super Regen Nerfs Opinions
03:01:07: Predictions on Opulence Content
03:19:30: Sparrow Racing confirmed?????
03:22:00: Outro

Episode 3 — Competitive PVP

Sunday, 22 Apr 2019

On this week’s episode of the Solarian Clan Podcast, we had planned to deep dive into crucible with 3 of our strongest PvP players. Unfortunately, Alphonse and Friendly were not able to join us, so StubbornOak, formerly known as Nonlinearpine stepped up to cover all the topics. Soren also gave us another run down on the Rose Championship, gave us info on Exiles allying with Solarian, and teased us with next week’s tournament loadout restrictions.

Feedback, ideas, questions, and recommendations are always welcome.

Episode 2 — PvE

Sunday, 7 Apr 2019

This episode features JustGeo42, NotDisliked, tinlun123, and Dup-46 talking about PvE, lore, raids, and more. It also includes a clan update from soren42.

Episode 1 — PvP Ranting

Sunday, 31 March 2019

This episode features JustGeo42, soren42, alphonse495, Nonlinearpine, Dup-46, and Effulgent talking about the tournament, the PvP meta, competitive crucible, sweats, and more.

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