Solarian Clan :: Tournaments

Champion's Rose

Solarian's Season of the Drifter tournament, Champion's Rose, brought our first cross-platform PvP competition! Each week, players on our various platforms competed in rumble matches with varying rules. The players with the most single match kills at the end of the week earned tournament points, with the player finishing with the most points winning!

Winner: StubbornOak
Runners-Up: Tyrranius

Outlaws Rising

Solarian's Fall/Winter PvP Tournament, Outlaws Rising, runs from November 2018 through February 2019. This is the longest, most ambitious, and most fun tournament we've ever held. We're holding one scheduled match and multiple ad hoc matches each week match each week to allow schedule flexibility. Competitors earn points by finishing in the top five scoring players in the week's Rumble matches. Loadouts, maps, and scoring vary from week to week. Good luck to all the competitors!

Winner: the_elite07
Runners-Up: Friendly_Death

Breakthrough the Lines

In Solarian's Summer 2018 PvP Tournament, four player teams faced off, head-to-head, in anything-goes Breakthough! The winning team then faced each other in a single round of bows-only Rumble!

Winner: BlaCKxNOVA430
Runners-Up: Deadshot601

Equinox of Legends

Solarian's second PvP Tournament, Equinox of Legends, featured a series of one-on-one match-ups where competitors were forced to wield a curated loadout consisting of an exotic pulse rifle and a legendary auto rifle. 14 competitors faced off in this tournament.

No winner was declared in this tournament due to elimination by forfeit in the final round.

A Gunsliner Rises

In Solarian's inaugural PvP Tournament, nine clan members met in the Crucible in a series of one-on-one head-to-head anything-goes matches! This double elmination tournament ran for six weeks during June and July of 2018 to great community interest and acclaim.

Winner: Freak-0-
Runner-Up: the_pro_guys123